British Vogue – Giulia Wyss

By: Srdjan Prodanovic | November 30, 2020

Magazine: British Vogue, born and raised in Switzerland in 1992, attended art school in St. Gallen in 2008, worked full time as a painter until the end of 2019, in January 2020, after several local art shows, she decided to pursue a self-employed artist career. Since childhood, Giulia was interested in painting and drawing, in 2017 she rented a studio which became a breeding ground for larger works, mainly portrait painting and figurative art. During this time of creative experimentation, playfully using spray paint and brush strokes, she reflected intensely on herself through her art, following the urge to bring, guided by spontaneous intuition, a message to her paintings: what defines us as human beings and what makes us so special. Her artwork display humans from all over the world in their beauty and richness, their confronting eyes create a dialogue between the watcher and the watched, inviting to take a closer look, to understand the nature of humanity, questioning emotional perception. The latest works mix figurative art with surreal silhouettes, focusing on the essential graphic structure of the painting. These mysterious and enigmatic characters excite curiosity creating an open space for individual interpretations. Who are they and what are they thinking?